Supporting effective cooperation across borders, businesses and professions.


Our culture workshops aim at enhancing the effectiveness of team members or leaders in a cross-cultural context. As we use a holistic view on human identity, we do not isolate i.e. one’s nationality as a ‘cause’ of behaviour. Instead, we believe one’s cultural heritage is a combination of national culture, business, profession, education and many other influences.

Our workshops are especially appreciated because we do not label people. Instead we arouse their awareness of their own preferences and tempt them to be appreciative of those of others, while remaining authentic. We do this by building on strengths, using techniques such as creative perception and postponing judgement. Self-exploration with an open mind leads to a more varied repertoire of management competencies.

Our workshops are always customised to your specific needs. To give you an idea of workshop topics, we have selected some examples:

  • Cross-cultural awareness and effectiveness; participants increase their cultural sensitivity, which enables them to benefit from the variety of national cultures in their team or organisation.
  • Promoting cross-functional cooperation; working in a cross-functional environment can be hampered by divergent objectives and communication styles. Participants learn to find appropriate and fulfilling ways of cooperation.
  • The advantage of gender diversity; participants will become aware of gender roles and gender identity and their implications in a professional setting, thus being able to deal with them to their advantage.
  • Successfully managing team diversity; professionals in diverse teams will learn how to deal more effectively with different expectations of cooperation, communication and leadership.
  • Innovation through diversity; practical exercises will lead participants to experience the power of diversity as a tool to co-create innovative results.

Besides our culture workshops, CMC adds value to management workshops through its knowledge of cultural preferences in management skills. Participants benefit from our expert knowledge of what works best in a given cultural environment. This add-on to all our workshops distinguishes CMC from other providers. These workshops deal with a wide range of managerial skills, such as communication, assertiveness, coaching and leadership, presentation skills and change management. They can be used as a stand-alone or embedded in talent and management development programmes.

Contact us to find out how your team can benefit from our workshops.